I like seafood chowder … and I’m proud of it

I’ve always loved seafood. And a few years ago I realised that I always ordered seafood chowder for lunch if it was available, and as an entree if I was out for dinner. Since then I’ve tried to sample as much seafood chowder as possible.

This summer my wife Karen, my son Jack (21) and my daughter Grace (17) spent a week at Kerikeri in the Bay of Islands. I’d been thinking about having a go at setting up a blog – just to see how it was done – and one lunch time when I was tucking into some seafood chowder I decided that this would be the theme of my blog.

So. Let’s see how this develops. Short reviews, some recipes, some ideas towards defining what the Greatest Seafood Chowder Ever would look like; and some other random thoughts perhaps from time to time.