Fishbone Cafe and Wine Bar, Kerikeri, Bay of Islands, New Zealand

The Fishbone Cafe and Wine Bar at 88 Kerikeri Road apparently transforms from a day cafe into a sophisticated wine bar in the early evening (so says the website). We didn’t see that transformation as we were there for lunch on 2 January 2015. They advertised a special of Seafood Chowder at $13, so that was my lunch sorted.

It was a busy time for them, it was a holiday (not sure if there was a surcharge on the price) and the staff were pretty harried. The seafood chowder which resulted was OK but something which had come of the production line. It had mashed up little bits of seafood – mainly mussel and a few hunks of celery. I though it was more of a soup than a chowder and while it tasted all right, it really didn’t come across as anything special. There were three nice pieces of toast with it, the temperature was good – not too hot, not too cool – and the portion was of a good size. That gets it 6 out of 10Kerikeri

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